Salad Cafe Businesses

Among the business of KENKO Mayonnaise Group, only Salad Cafe provides us with opportunities to directly communicate with customers (end users of our products) who visit the store or the website.

Customers' needs/trends are acquired through our shops, and customers' motivation for buying our products and trends are gathered by internet questionnaires. All of those information lead to our new product development.

This information is used for the other businesses of KENKO Mayonnaise Group to develop new products, and by distributing information and products related to salad, we provide adequate and accurate information to our customers.

We are planning to enhance our website businesses while opening new stores at department stores near major railroad stations, and station buildings.

Salad Cafe

Salad Cafe SALA PARA: Hankyu Department Store Umeda main stop
Salad Cafe SALA PARA: at Hankyu Umeda Main Store

Overseas Business

We established PT.Intan Kenkomayo Indonesia in July 2012 in Indonesia. After acquiring the Halal certificate*, we conduct manufacturing/sales activities to promote and provide the products of mayonnaise, dressings and sauces to the Muslims customers ,by which we enhance spreading a Salad Food Culture future more.

* Halal Certificate: The certificate proves that products/services are allowed to be consumed by Muslims according to the Sharia laws.

PT.Intan Kenkomayo Indonesia

PT.Intan Kenkomayo Indonesia
PT.Intan Kenkomayo Indonesia

Further more, in 2015, we established Vancouver Research Office in Canada as a research center for collecting information on food culture, mainly from North America and Europe.
In order to create new markets, we aim to capture and respond to new food trends ahead of everyone else. The Vancouver Research Office will offer new services developed based on these new trends to customers with useful information.

Vancouver Research Office
Vancouver Research Office

Subsidiaries Business

We manufacture/sell fresh delicatessen for supermarkets. In order to provide high quality potato salad, which is our main product, we relay breeds and production places depending on seasons to achieve producing products enhancing goodness of ingredients.

We conduct R&D activities every day for better taste, freshness and quality of salad and delicatessen in order to provide products in satisfactory quality.

Example dish salad
Dished up salad Sample