Approach to Conduct Reliable Quality Management

In order to deliver safe and reliable products to our customers, we carefully select production areas for the ingredients of our major products, conduct strict examinations to the process of manufacturing, manufacturing environment and management systems. We only use ingredients, of which safeness and reliability are confirmed by us.
At our factory, we conduct quality management by implementing acceptance inspection, strictly following manufacturing routines, thoroughly conducting 5S (sorting, setting, spotless (cleaning), sanitary, styles (manner)) activities, patrolling, quality check by examining products. Also we attempt to be reliable to our customers by producing information complying with relevant laws.

Quality check
For some agricultural products, we check conditions for management, harvesting, distribution, and storage. Before using them, we analyze and examine the ingredients check data to ensure the safeness.
We conduct sample production. With the results of physics/chemistry tests, taste and condition tests to the samples, we manufacture the products, where quality was confirmed.
In order to continuously produce safe/reliable products, we implement various activities at our production factories. We are also enthusiastic in providing education and instructions to enhance quality levels.
Products receive bacteria tests and physics and chemistry exams. Also to provide accurate information to our consumers, we comply with relevant laws on labeling to maintain transparency of products.
We control information and respond to consumers’ requests as quick as possible. We are eager to improve quality of our products by introducing consumers’ opinions. We also prepare/distribute materials for information disclosure upon requests.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our unique regulations / standard allow us to use only those ingredients of which safeness and reliability are confirmed to be ready for product manufacturing. Also in order to provide products in the same conditions through a year, we have our own standard for accepting agricultural ingredients (including by-products).

According to the following three keywords, we examine the production environment of the suppliers of ingredients and the management systems in order to discover and determine suppliers.

Supply:we secure the quantity of ingredients to provide safe products to our customers.
Quality Management:we maintain the quality of ingredients.
Price stabilization:we secure ingredients at stabilized price. Suppliers are our important business partners, who are capable of stably providing safe and reliable ingredients. We ensure their traceability and introduce the positive list system to the suppliers. In addition to that, we co-operate improvement activities in order to secure the quality of ingredients for better products.

The links below introduce three key ingredients of our food products; Potatoes, Burdocks and Pumpkins. They show how precisely we conduct our quality assurance activities.

Environmental Activities

We reduce the amount of petrochemicals that we use such as plastic bottles and plastic bags. We are also contributing to the recycling of plastic bottles by using the easy peel label for segregating wastes, and this activity reduces the load at the time of the disposal.

We believe that accident prevention activities will bring the reduction of production failure and nurturing legal experts can save our time/cost of research and examinations. We give an indirect support to the activities for the reduction of wastes and energy consumptions in the process of manufacturing.

R&D activities

We conduct our own research and development activities on ingredients and materials. For example of our delicious potato salad, we co-operate with relevant research organizations for evaluation/analysis on the quality of potatoes and research to determine the best storing method.

We also look at other vegetables with new special characteristics that will potentially become salad ingredients.

Our Proud Technologies

In a developmental activity, our proud technologies are effectively used in the following activities.
Research on product function that is suitable for required situations
While accumulating abundant technologies and know-how, we continue our research on added value and various function of products that meet the need of customers. Our proud products include; a cooking mayonnaise, that does not separate with heat; a frozen process mayonnaise type that does not separate in a freezer; long-life chilled food that seals fresh aroma of ingredients; scramble eggs which maintain softness after cooking, etc.

- Product examples designed based on our technology/know-how
Mayonnaise: solid type mayonnaise, non-egg mayonnaise type, mayonnaise for frozen process, etc.
Dressings: jelly-type dressing, low calorie non-oil dressing, etc.

Sauces: liquid type butter sauce, etc.
Salad and Delicatessen: freshly packed long-life potato salad
Egg processed products: long-life egg salad, scramble eggs that does not become firm by heating.

●We just produce what fits for customer's feeling of ’Nice if there are !'.Our Garlic Butter Sauce (2012 Award for Popular Business Purpose Processed Food.), which does not become solid at a low temperature, was designed to respond to a demand for ‘liquid type butter’. The Non-Egg Mayonnaise Type was born because we wanted children with egg allergy to enjoy our mayonnaise. We continue to develop innovative products in a non-conventional way.

The Non Egg Mayonnaise Type is used in our food education activity, and also introduced to cooking classes using mayonnaises at elementary schools because it is safe even for students with egg allergy.

●Development of new products that meet the need of our customers’ businesses
We develop approximately 300 new products a year. These products are designed to be suitable for business conditions of our customers such as bakeries, restaurants, takeout food suppliers, cafeterias and their business types.

● Creation of more than 4000 menus a year and our ability for preparing proposal.
In order to develop the Salad World, we develop more than 4000 menus a year using our own products. We produce menus that are suitable for any business conditions and types such as bakeries, restaurants, takeout food suppliers and cafeterias. In addition to our activities to create delicious menus using our own products, we also support our customers by providing extra efforts to encourage them to simplify their operations, improve product quality, cost reduction, etc. 

Scrambled eggs
Scramble eggs

Garlic butter sauce
Garlic butter sauce

Labor Saving using IT technologies

As a food manufacturer, we bear huge responsibility for distributing accurate information. In order to respond to diversifying needs of our customers, we collect precise information  from ingredients to final products by controlling necessary information with data. Moreover, handling a variety of information by using effective human resources has made it possible for us to produce safer products for our customers.