Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

“Contributing to the world by providing quality foods”
Our company philosophy indicates the raison d’être of our corporate group in society.
While it used to be “Contributing to the world by providing quality food products,” with the wider availability of the Internet, our activities as a company also widened into transmitting diverse information using the Internet and activities of food education with local residents, and accordingly we replaced the phrase “food products” with “foods.” We will strive to contribute to society as much as possible by providing diverse food-related products, services and information.

The Group’s Business Philosophy

“Body and Mind (mind/body/soul) and Environment”
Our group’s business philosophy represents our beliefs based on the company philosophy.
We are devoted to taking care of the mind, body and soul of everyone with whom we as a company have dealings, as well as all our customers who eat our food products, and at the same time we are serious about tackling the problems concerning the global environment which gives us food, the source of life.

The Group’s Management Policy

“To become No.1 Salad Company”
“To provide the number one quality products/services in Japan”
Our group’s management policy represents our vision aimed at under our business philosophy.
We aim to build a company that can upgrade your salad to the main character, main dish and king of your dining table.
We are also keen to promote the market with ‘salad’ as a key driver, and to establish “salad cuisine” as a new cooking genre. In addition, we are aware of our responsibilities to provide food products that are safe, reliable and high quality for our customers’ satisfaction, and we will continue to put our best effort into creating the highest quality and best services.