Disclosure Policy

【Last updated date: July 3, 2017】

Situation of the development and operation of a timely disclosure system (disclosure policy)

1.  Efforts for developing a timely disclosure system
Our company recognizes the active effort for disclosure as part of corporate governance. Its purpose is to enable all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, and local communities, to obtain accurate investment information timely and properly, and then evaluate our company rightly.
Since our business would be considerably affected by the risks of the fluctuations of economies, exchange rates, legal matter, and climates as well as social environments because of the characteristics of our business, we have established a risk control committee for gathering and analyzing related information systematically, to supervise risk control for corporate management.
Each piece of collected information is sent to the internal information manager, and the information that should be disclosed is released timely after completing required discussions and procedures.
We provide employees with explanations and education about employers’ policy for disclosure, disclosed items, measures for preventing insider trading, daily instructions from the president, workshops for each class, daily meetings at the headquarters, etc.

2.  Situation of an organization in charge of timely disclosure (sections in charge, the number of members, etc.)
Committee: a disclosure planning committee; the committee leader: Takashi Murata, a director and managing executive officer; 8 members
Sections in charge:
Dept. of Finance and Accounting; the department head and 14 members
  Publicity Division of Management Planning Section; the division chief and 10 members
  Dept. of General and Legal Affairs; the department head and 5 members
Post and name of the internal information manager:
Takashi Murata
A director and managing executive officer 

3.  Quiet period

Our company defined the period from the following day of the end of the accounting period to the date of announcement of financial results as an IR quiet period, in order to prevent the leak of financial information, including quarterly results, and secure fairness.
During this period, we refrain from answering questions about financial results and the outlook for business performance and giving comments about them. However, if there emerges a possibility that actual results will be considerably different from the earnings forecast we have announced during the quiet period, we will disclose relevant information swiftly in accordance with the regulations for disclosure.

4.  Positioning of our website
Our company established IR pages in our website, in order to describe our attractive features as an investment target in an understandable manner and convey IR information swiftly and fairly from the viewpoint of fair disclosure, for the purpose of deepening understanding and winning trust.
Disclosed information will be uploaded to our website as soon as possible after disclosure, but it may be delayed or some disclosed information may not be uploaded due to a failure in the technologies for information and communications or the like. We would appreciate your understanding.
The earnings forecast and future outlook are produced by our company considering the current business environment, and so actual results may be different from the disclosed outlook according to the change in the business environment, etc. We would appreciate your understanding.