Message from President

代表取締役社長 炭井孝志

Our company was established in 1958 and we have been constantly expanding our business based on mayonnaise and dressings since entering the institutional market on a full scale as an exclusively business-use mayonnaise producer in 1961.

In 1977, we developed Japan’s first Long-life salads “Fashion Delica Foods (FDF) ®” introducing unique products such as burdock salad and pumpkin salad, and ever since, we have continued to keep the top share as a pioneer in this field. Currently, our core business is “salad” and we are striving daily to develop new products and menus so that “your salad can become the main character, main dish and king of your dining table.”

We boast a wide range of products that meet the needs of our customers, our excellent product development capabilities to change our customers’ wishes into tangible products, flexible and fine-tuned responses to diverse business forms made possible through the cooperation of our various departments including the sales, product development, business forms and menu development, and our strict attitudes towards ingredients and quality that lead to tastiness, security and safety. We also have 7 company-owned factories as well as 9 factories under our subsidiaries, and with this nationwide network of production bases we are putting emphasis on the production system to collaborate with local communities and the product development in consideration of health and the environment. We react to our customers’ requests swiftly, which enables us to make suggestions with added value.

In the future, we expect that the environment surrounding our company will continue to change with the ageing society progressing further, while the population keeps shrinking, more people will be living alone, and the number of households with both parents working outside the home will increase in Japan. As a food producer with over 50 years of knowhow behind us, we are going to respond flexibly to these changes by creating the environment and developing the products that are not affected by the social environment, raw material costs and energy costs.

In this sort of environment, we rolled out a great and hopeful direction to "Ensuring a bright future" towards a huge leap forward as the new mid-term management plan “KENKO Five Code 2015-2017” in April 2015. Our company has been assisting the food market as a business-use food producer thus far, but from now on, we will develop new products and propose menus more actively while considering all kinds of dining scenes in the future as a “market-producing company.” Our keyword is “Salad cuisine.” With people becoming more health-conscious for food and looking for higher added value, the demand for salad is rising. We are aiming to promote “Salad cuisine” in which salads are main dishes, and to achieve this, we will concentrate our efforts on producing new markets and continue to expand our business so that all our stakeholders can keep their trust in us and we can in turn respond to the expectations entrusted upon us. We heartily thank all our supporters and would be most grateful for your continued assistance.

October 2015
KENKO Mayonnaise Co.,Ltd.

President Takashi Sumii