Strategy/Management plan

【Last updated date: April 3, 2017】

◆ Mid-Term Management Plan FY2015-FY2017
【KENKO Five Code 2015-2017】

KENKO Mayonnaise Co., Ltd. will strive to achieve further evolution and development toward the next stage with the efforts and experiences we have cultivated as a manufacturer of products for business use, as a valuable asset.

Aiming to make a huge leap forward, our corporate group adopted the “KENKO Five Code 2015-2017” in April 2015 based on a great and hopeful direction to “Ensuring a bright future.” The word “Five” in the title of the new mid-term management plan implies that this is our “fifth mid-term management plan” and that our goal is to attain a consolidated ordinary profit margin of 5%. In addition, it is composed of the following “5 management indices,” based on which we will endeavor to thrive further by drawing up and pursuing management strategies.

<5 management indices>

(T) Globalization

(U) Innovation

(V) Best practice

(W) Knowledge management

(X) Communication (Branding)

Management strategies of “KENKO Five Code 2015-2017”

Strategy 1

Establishing our position as the “Leading Company in Salads”

KENKO Mayonnaise Co., Ltd. will develop and implement strategies, focusing mainly on our 4 core businesses: “Mayonnaise and Dressings Business,” “Salad and Delicatessen Business,” “Potato Products Business,” and “Egg Products Business.”

・In the “Mayonnaise and Dressings Business,” we will enrich the world’s sauce series and the low-calorie non-oil dressing series, make changes in the shape of containers, develop products by broadening our horizons as a condiment business, and improve facilities.

・In the “Salad and Delicatessen Business,” we will enrich the world’s salad series, coping with demand for smaller containers, and prospecting for new ingredients. While Japanese food has attracted global attention, we will enrich “Wasai Bansai ®,” the Japanese delicatessen series. Regarding the fulfillment of demand for smaller containers, we will bolster facilities.

・In the “Potato Products Business,” we have currently given focus to potato salad; however, we will prospect for potato dishes of other countries and popularize them, while enriching products that take full advantage of the original taste of ingredients.

・In the “Egg Products Business,” we will increase the egg products manufactured in Shizuoka Fujisan Factory whose operation was launched in April 2014. Our egg products have been highly acclaimed for the taste and quality, and the production volume has considerably exceeded the estimated one. Amid the growing expectations for market expansion, there is a need for bolstering the facilities as well as developing functional products and products that satisfy market needs.

Strategy 2

Further evolving “Salad Cuisine”

・We will facilitate communication within our corporate group, including KENKO Mayonnaise Co., Ltd., our consolidated subsidiaries, and Salad Cafe.

・We will put forth efforts to increase the brand image of our corporate group through a multitude of means, such as enhancement of product brands and information dissemination via SNS.

→Improve the ability to introduce positive aspects of the “Salad cuisine”

Strategy 3

Strengthening the management platform to proactively promote expansion into global markets

・We will engage in information collection and analysis and introduction of food trend to the world by strengthening our business in Indonesia as a manufacturing and sales base and establishing a research office in Vancouver.

・We will increase export sales in overseas markets through multifarious means including the enrichment of our product lineup.

“KENKO Five Code 2015-2017” goals for FY2017